Your Virtual World of Possibilities

B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS puts space back into the office while delivering a superb IT environment backed up by our secure cloud.

When you think about it – and take a careful look around you – you may marvel at the amount of physical space your IT equipment is taking up. Chances are someone stacked your storeroom high with kit they are keeping just in case, not to mention piles of discs from software you have not used for years.

There is one way only to reclaim this wasted space. This is to separate your operation from its technology. Of course, there are many other benefits, however when you calculate the cost of London rent you may be astounded how this benefit of virtualisation piles up over say 5 years

When you get technology by Internet

  • You have access to more technology than you could ever have in-house
  • You have more memory and software applications than you imagined
  • You discover how much more you could do for less and how you save

If you need assistance quantifying these benefits then see this plan in action now

Virtualisation just keeps getting better!

Did we convince you that it is time to reap the benefits of virtualisation, by creating distance between what you do, and where data processing happens? You will achieve so much more than simply shaking l extra space loose in the storeroom. You will also reap the opportunity to review your business processes.

Your rewards from increased sales and lower costs that follow, steadily cover the cost of your cloud. Finally, you are benefiting from:

  • Exponentially faster response times thanks to dynamic load balancing
  • Dynamically improved application performance thanks to automatic scaling
  • Tapping the potential of your equipment so you get what you paid for
  • The feel-good factor of being greener and walking with a lighter footprint

Virtualization is especially important in London where clients have no patience with slow responses, and a supplier backup failure is sufficient reason to go elsewhere. Converting across is an effortless process thanks to our smooth systems. You could soon be benefiting from seamless IT and freedom to do your job. Are you ready to taste the difference? Why not engage your free test now?