Your Inspiration Is in Our Cloud

Trust B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS to keep your applications, software, and intellectual property safe on secure servers.

There is little point in maintaining backups in the office where they are under the same threats as the original data, or could cross-pollinate contaminated data over your server you do not even know about. The only way to be sure about this is to store your data in a separate cyber vault. You can rely on B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS to do this for you safely and securely.

You could also save money in four brilliant ways …

  • No investing in fancy hardware, all you need is a computer and a modem
  • No nasty small print forcing you to keep on buying expensive upgrades
  • No costly callouts for technicians who don’t explain what they are doing
  • New employees and relief staff need no training, and get to work right away

Go on think about it, you know you need this. Consider what you could do with all the extra time and money. B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS lets you focus on your business. Do you really want to keep fighting computers after hours?

What You Want and When You Want It

Another brilliant thing about the B2B CLOUD SOLUTION answer is you never have to pay for anything you do not want. So say goodbye to software upselling and the add-ons vendors sneak. Why would you want things any other way when you could:

  • Only choose the bits you actually need to run your business effectively
  • Scale these up or down according to your business cycle
  • Enjoy using computer systems you need at a price you can afford
  • Be able to access your software and data from any mobile device, anywhere

And You Tap Into Even More …

B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS are professional data processing consultants based in London, and we have Microsoft, Cisco, HP and VMware certification for what we do. Our offerings are far-reaching, and you can trust us with these fine add-ons when you need them:

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 & 2010 for business standard emails, and more collaborative tools. These include calendars, tasks and public folders you can share. PLUS we give you Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone access all included in our lower price.
  • Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM that helps you nurture customer satisfaction the way you always wanted, by collaborating further and increasing sales as you work together towards shared goals.
  • Comprehensive Hosted SharePoint – a Microsoft classic that lets you connect with people in innovative ways, so you can exchange ideas, see each other’s folders and organise projects together in real time.

These powerful solutions would normally cost you real money to buy and roll out. With B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS you simply log in and they are yours to use. Get smart, pay our lower rate, climb on our Cloud today.

We also do complete web hosting. For an amazing price, you get the entire process from design and coding to uploading, curating and hosting. A B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS website could pay back in less time than you imagine.