No More Viruses, Spam & Phishing

B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS takes the worry out of opening uninvited emails, so you are no longer subject to abuse

We could not live without our email. It keeps us in contact with business partners, customers, family and friends in London. It is also the portal for new enquiries and is tempting to click and open. Malicious people know this. Our curiosity is their opportunity for phishing, and sending malware, viruses and spam.

B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS has all the answers, whether the attacks are directly at you or unwittingly passed on by trusted contacts. You know you need this. With our reliable email system, you stay in contact without exposure to attacks. Digital is the only way to stop them winning.

Your Email is Under Perfect Protection

With the B2B CLOUD SOLUTIONS package you get email working to your advantage, and become the trusted sender of messages that recipients know they can open safely. You get four other significant benefits included in the deal for not a penny extra.

  • Simplicity of Operation – Comprehensive indexing allows you file your data in a handy hierarchy so you can find it easily later
  • Easier Email Access – Thanks to simplified attachments, customer-centric search facility and reliable message archiving
  • Message Protection ñ All inbound and outbound messages comprehensively scanned to prevent online threats and virus transfers
  • Less Data In-House ñ Protect your system from overload and your files from crashing by storing your bulky email folders on our cloud

Say Goodbye to Cyber Attacks Now!